воскресенье, 19 января 2014 г.

Scent of spring

This is probably common to all people! No sooner had the long-awaited winter, as everyone already bored - it wanted to spring, warm, colors! So I walk through the thoughts sunny green meadows in a long sundress light)) I dream of spring. And though the time of year to change I can not, but I can bring the arrival of spring in their knitted collections, add fresh delicate color tones! That's what I already get! It is true that great? )
Very soon there will be new items in my store!

воскресенье, 12 января 2014 г.

Mood - azure!

I decided to add a new palette in my shop, because love a variety of colors, patterns. It's so important to have a choice, select jewelry and accessories on the mood or the color-pattern clothing.
Once decided, then done!))
Today is a day of blue dream, sea and azure. Declare the day "Blue Color." And all my new knit collection of jewelry will be in shades of blue (cobalt, turquoise, light blue, dark blue).

Colormix Bluee Crochet Nursing necklace 

Now develop a new collection) What color is this time - still a secret)

суббота, 11 января 2014 г.

Rabbits are they rabbits)

Never do not know what will come to their mind) My rabbit's decided to live in carrots, and so it comfortable there now))) Well, see for yourself!


Sweet Tooth)

My daughter tried to taste these donuts here! What a gem!)))

They inspired me to create a new "sweet" jewelry collection with knitted candy, Cake, ice cream and other things.)
All their new items that can be purchased, I'll lay in my store .
I want to share some now. All these necklaces I linked in one breath, grabbed me so much this idea that I could not any more think about anything else. ) For the beads I used 100% cotton yarn and beads of beech wood, very useful and safe materials for kids and their gums.

Ice cream "Chocolate Bear"

Ice cream "Chocolate Bear" azure

Little girl and candies
To be continued))

New year and new inspiration

This year I started by creating a new collection of knitted ornaments in delicate pastel palette.

I loved the result, these shades fit almost everyone!

суббота, 4 января 2014 г.

All welcome to my blog!

 Sometimes there are moments when inspiration comes in waves - then I want to create, write, compose. For a long time wanted to create a place where I can share all this, and a little bit to tell the world about me and what I love most in the world - to create!
At the moment I am sharing great news - finally my dream came true, and I opened a shop on Etsy than very proud! It is still quite new, there is still a lot of work, but there is already a fans - and it inspires me to work even harder, to create a new one.